It doesn’t matter what it is you’re looking to do or play online with your friends - whether it's getting ready for work by using your new social media platform, checking out your favorite movie on Netflix, or simply waiting in the queue for an upcoming concert - everyone loves playing games online. We can all attest that our mind loves going back to the simple things in life once they get time to “play some more online games”. It doesn't matter if it's just a couple of days of relaxing at home or a week of spending hours on Facebook, games are still essential for entertainment in 2021. Here are five reasons why online games are becoming so popular, as well as some tips and tricks to keep yourself safe and happy when you're gaming.

1. Game Lovers Help Their Friends Stay Healthy

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They don’t want to have their best friend go through the stress of having to cancel every holiday because they got COVID-19. That’s why they try playing multiplayer games online with others through platforms like Discord and Skype. Another reason we love games online is that many people also enjoy being active members of the community after they spend several hours scrolling through memes and other content. This will help make players less stressed about catching up with each other as their friends may get sick. In gaming communities, a lot of users are even looking forward to chatting with others on Reddit and Twitter while simultaneously searching for answers, making new contacts, and finding funny videos. These activities give gamers the freedom to play and also live their own lives outside of video streaming or staying offline. You can choose your location – from any country to just one city where most of the gamers find themselves. A common question is: How long does this whole game thing take? Depending on how serious you want to get, different games have different limits; so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Games online will always come to you and not get stuck in a slot machine waiting to receive a payout. Keep these points in mind, though - we need not pay for this! Make sure you have a secure account, a free internet/mobile, and at least 1 GB of disk space space for game storage. When you start making purchases, you should know exactly how much money you’ll need. So, use your budget wisely and avoid overspending. One thing a lot of us didn’t consider was saving up enough money to buy everything. If you're feeling down-to-earth just by creating an account for no discernible reason to do so, then you might want to rethink your priorities. Check out our list of useful guides on maximizing your savings and learning how to save up money for emergencies and emergencies you may face down the road. After all that, if you’re playing with two or three friends online with a high-quality screen resolution (for instance, 720p), then you should also think about the kind of graphics you can expect. At first, you’ll probably only need to worry about quality graphics when you’re playing in low resolution but, once you get used to it, you can upgrade until you feel comfortable doing more. As soon as you see your friends enjoying the visuals, then you'll become addicted. Don't forget, you'll have all these wonderful benefits without even realizing - gaming is just as much fun with people who have decent graphics. Take your friends along for the ride - it'll feel good to get together whenever you can. Good luck!

2. Gambling Makes Us Better Role Models

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Our parents have instilled into our minds, and they've taught us to value education and hard work, which is why we believe it makes sense to have lots of hobbies like reading a book every day, talking to friends, and looking up information about whatever hobby is the same topic. Playing computer games can teach us more than anything else does, and it helps build friendships. Nowadays, it's easy to spot someone who likes to play a game or maybe a sport. There are usually a few similarities between all the people involved - they love computers, are often lonely, sometimes have small children, and there are quite a few stereotypes that people can identify with. However, by knowing somebody who enjoys playing video games instead of watching sports with his family, it's easier to imagine how much fun that person can be or how much fun a young child could be. But why are people the way a certain person acts? Often times, having a hobby can be helpful to get us through stressful moments. For example, I have a little birdhouse in my backyard and often times I'll hear the sound of birds flying around when I have that soothing atmosphere, especially when I'm playing my Xbox 360 with my 3 roommates on Facebook. Although we aren't necessarily playing games online, our habits are similar - sometimes our kids' homework gets interrupted by loud sounds of crashing waves crashing in the distance. So, you may want to look up how to entertain your kiddo instead of trying to force the story "like a normal kid". Noticing your kids in school is a great way to foster understanding and create awareness. And this doesn't mean playing games online won't help you understand how important education really is! There are books (that is very informative and entertaining) you can read, documentaries, TV shows, cartoons, etc. Just remember, don't pressure the child just to play with dolls or pretend that they're real people. Your child needs more freedom than that. Look at our tips on raising toddlers, too.

3. Improve Brain Functioning

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While Spending Time With Others Video games can boost your brain function, as you tend to have plenty of mental stimulation during online sessions. Plus, it can keep your mind fresh and alert when you play a game. Additionally, you can improve memory and concentration. To conclude, video games are very beneficial, but they can definitely be harmful if you don't have time for physical exercise. Try to plan around video gaming - use your phone, do chores, and watch movies outside instead of staying at home watching television. Be active and focus on self-care! Remember to sleep properly. If you want to lose weight, then you have to be productive and active. Even though gaming has a huge amount of negative connotations, it has its perks. Many people now get healthy thanks to the fact that they played games like Call of Duty, Destiny, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Among Us, FIFA 21, among others. By playing these kinds of games regularly you develop new features of your body and also learn about various aspects of healthy living. Yes, it’s necessary but don’t sacrifice any of yours. In addition to playing games, we should also take part in group fitness classes or participate in competitions that are mostly in video format, as well. No matter what type you prefer to spend your free time, you should play games frequently and try everything in your power to reach any goal. Good luck!

4. Gamers Can Learn New Skills

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Gamers don't just practice for fun and collect cash. Many experts claim that gamers need to challenge their brains to stay sharp, as they cannot perform well without good memory. Gamers have a chance to learn new skills which can benefit both individuals and companies in future. According to research conducted by researchers in 2015, gamers actually have more knowledge than other groups (either non-gamers or those without any special interests); meanwhile, they have more complex thinking compared to average members of society (by 40% of gamers compared with 20%). Another surprising fact to mention here is that people with higher GPA scores actually show better cognitive performance in the areas of creative thinking, problem-solving, and analytical reasoning when taking tests like Sisyphean ratio test and IQ tests, among others. And this shows us that a higher level of intelligence positively affects general performance. There are studies showing that people who play computer games show better results in tasks requiring attention, such as visual attention, working memory or processing speed, when compared to traditional group members, which means that gamers should make time to concentrate on tasks that require quick thinking. As a result, gamers often outperform their peers in mathematical experiments, writing essays, analyzing data, dealing with problems, and so on. Therefore, gamers also need to master the art of multitasking and how to prioritize tasks. Let's get started!

5. Having Fun Beyond Money

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Most of us usually love being distracted by apps, social networking websites, and videos on YouTube. Nevertheless, there are amazing computer games we can share with our friends from anywhere in the world. Besides, we'll also like to play games that will help us relax. So, if you want to have lots of fun, then you can either download new games from Steam or Epic Games Store, browse for titles and purchase them. Sometimes you can enjoy playing games online with your friends by communicating via Discord, Skype or other chat rooms if you only have 200 GB of disc space. Just download and install Minecraft Launcher, set up a virtual environment for your Minecraft server, and start playing! You can also install another game like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PUBG Mobile, Battlefield Mobile, Roblox, and many others. Apart from downloading specific games, you can choose from hundreds of others available for different devices and platforms. As a result, gamers can also explore their creativity and get a deeper understanding of how the brain works by experimenting with different types of software. This process will help relieve gamers from monotony and monotonous games, which are often full of repetitive patterns. Also there's a study that proved that gamers are happier when they are working on something.