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Pakistan’s Automobile Industry: A Vital But Sinking Ship

Pakistan has to depend on importing auto parts cars from abroad and then cars are assembled in Pakistan, which is not a very efficient way of running the country’s economy. The time has come to manufacture cars and automobiles in Pakistan now. The country’s automotive industry is also important because it uses modern technology for manufacturing the vehicles and can be mass-produced with low cost. This is why the need to assemble foreign made automobiles in the country is critical. As the only Muslim country, India cannot build its own automotive industry, so there is a great requirement that it should import all kinds of automobiles from other countries. Because if Pakistani automakers do not make vehicles locally, they will have no business. They are already running their companies without the government’s support and will require support, which Pakistani governments will provide. So this industry must not be left behind. This is the reason Pakistan needs to improve its automobile industry so it can develop its economic growth. It is just like what Pakistan became a developing nation back in 1990s. The time is right now. There are many problems in the car industry but the majority of them are as common as one that comes up in any industry which requires more than just money and talent. Some areas can get better by using the latest technology, especially when it comes to assembling cars.

Image by Cam Bowers from Pixabay 

People say that cars are expensive, but we can see people sitting in high income, and people are willing to buy those big houses, cars, and other things. Those rich people will always buy whatever these high class people are buying. And people who are poor may never buy any thing. That is what most people believe and that is the truth. We also know how much our society is made up of the wealthy people. People who have higher educational level or less educated can buy the cars and even hire someone else to work on the assembly lines. This means that the people who earn a lot of money can afford the cars and the others people are just trying to get the job done. If you look at the United States, the people who earn more than $7500 per month can afford fancy clothes and a good house. Now that is the same amount of money you can spend on a vehicle. You can also hire anyone but not a kid. In most cases, kids will do their homework first. Kids can also hire people in the assembly line. The difference between this generation and the previous generation is that this younger generation is smart enough to find ways to improve how things are made and then hire people. By doing that, all the children are getting jobs. Then they can spend their money on luxury goods and have those luxuries.

Image by Andy Gries from Pixabay 

The whole society can help us improve the car industry in Pakistan by providing some training programs for the workers. For instance, instead of hiring boys from school, the teachers can teach the girls how to assemble cars and can also give them a basic guide such as designing the engines so they can run smoothly once they reach the stage of assembling. They can provide basic training to the drivers, which will definitely make them able to do it faster and they should pay good attention to detail. When we can hire more skilled workers and train them, they can also increase output, which means we will get improved quality products.

All these efforts will certainly make it possible for the Pakistan automotive industry to rise to greater heights. If Pakistan can invest around US$1 billion per year in the industry and have some training seminars, it needs to start making a lot of changes. Most probably, Pakistan’s automotive industry is going to use Chinese cars because that’s what most nations around Asia like to buy those kinds of cars. Pakistan may want to develop a new model of these Chinese cars that can run smoothly without having the frequent power cuts. If the Pakistani people will support them, they can go out of these cities having comfortable driving in their cars. This will be a way for the people to drive easily around the city. Having a well maintained car also makes good sense because it gets better mileage. It gives a sense of prestige. Therefore, everyone wants to have a nice looking place that is clean and safe.

By spending some billions for developing new models on the ground, we can also create decent places in the city where families can live together with their relatives without having to leave their homes. No one wants to live in a bad neighborhood that is full of criminals and criminals who want to kill their neighbors. With the current trend, Pakistani citizens want to be safe from crime and bad people. So they want a respectable person to take care of them and protect them. Also, it will bring respect to the family members. Pakistani families are rich in culture, tradition, values, etc. By creating a comfortable environment, people can also share their values and values can also be shared among the different groups. Everyone wants safety, peace, and security. We can improve Pakistan’s economy by building the economy through these projects. By building a public transport system for example, Pakistan can reduce traffic jams and pollution rates. These types of facilities should be installed at schools, medical centers, and hospitals so people can use them all the time without having to go outside. After all, Pakistan can become an industrial hub for the world and everyone will want to go there.

It can have thousands of investors who can use these facilities and can make Pakistan a huge export base and trade route for Europe and America. All these investments will make the economy of Pakistan grow very quickly. Even the tourism sector will continue to flourish as long as Islamabad is the center of commercial and cultural activities of the country. Pakistan can get self-reliant, prosperous, and self-caring.

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