There is no better way to make it through life than falling in love and marrying someone you only want to spend the rest of your life with! This is how many people start relationships because they think that just because someone has the same name as the person they are actually dating does anything but help them figure out if they can trust each other. They get too excited about being able to see each other again like this crazy girl who just met her husband, but she goes all over the place just because she loves him! While many people do fall in love, they lose their minds after the first date, or worse, are unable to have that special bond anymore because they did not plan on having kids after that first date. It is not love, it's just a fling and sometimes people end up losing sight of what true love feels like.

It's not hard to find yourself falling in love when you're in college. In fact, the most common mistake people make after getting together with an actual couple is that "Oh, that's so much fun!" Instead of worrying about if the two of you will get along, worry about what might happen if you are going out. If you are living in different cities, then yes, it could be difficult and scary to see each other all the time, but in the long run, you are most likely going to get along just fine and even do great things! So let's talk about why romantic relationships fail after some time, and that is a question that should always be asked by those who are looking to get married.

People forget what love truly means. When we are happy we like to spend time with loved ones and enjoy being around people who are close to us. But people do not realize that they really need love now and then as well. We have become used to spending a lot more money every month on our relationship or marriage than we do on ourselves. Therefore, we forget that there is something bigger that we are missing out on and don't realize how much. For example, what would happen if I got pregnant while we were still single? Or would the pressure of how often I have to visit friends at college cause me to miss my mom? Could I stop talking to her for a few days without losing any sleep? Would I ever feel completely ready to have a child? Does it mean I'm not good enough? Maybe so, but that is a story for another time, and right now it is all about us and our individual goals. That is not love. We are not even close to real love. We are just trying to show off or impress each other. Our friends at school who we went to lunch with, are suddenly people from our family instead. Now we are forced to do everything we need to be doing to be with each other so that we can still show our little one what great parents we are. Isn't being with your partner something you shouldn't think about? Especially if you have no idea how much you need that person?! Being in love is more fulfilling than having lots of sex at parties. We should have people in our lives who will stay by our side until our old age and never let go of anyone and never have them leave us.

People are obsessed with making plans and taking care of each other even when things are not going well. Sure, you have made some mistakes, but you've been very careful not to hurt the other person and try not to let your heart deceive you with this feeling of desperation. However, the problem comes later after you have already fallen in love. Even though you are sure that you can live forever alone, if you really fall in love and realize how serious your relationship is, then you might just find yourselves becoming clingy and needy. You always wanted to have a partner to share your life with and want to do everything that it takes to show them that you care about them. You always thought that someone else wouldn't be enough for you. If you ever go through a difficult time because of someone else, it is the same thing to be jealous of your new boyfriend because if you were to lose interest in him, why would you bother to be in a relationship with him anymore? People are lazy and forget the meaning of true love. Once you fall in love, it's almost impossible to tell whether or not it can last forever. And while everyone makes excuses to themselves about it like they love the attention, affection, or something else just because they are lonely or insecure, this is certainly not true love. True love is not a lie, it is a choice! Someone that just wants to get married but not realize that the reason to get married is actually to fix someone else. It is nothing more than a way to avoid loneliness. Having someone who just happens to be there for you whenever you need them is the whole point of love. You cannot lose someone to loneliness.
Image by Victoria_Borodinova from Pixabay 

Most relationships start with the simple thought of wanting to show a bit of yourselves but not caring too much about how you look or why you are feeling. After a year or two, it gets hard to focus on either of these parts. Your self-esteem starts to slowly decline and you begin to see things that aren’t positive. How often is your ex cheating on you? Who knows you’ve met your soulmate and you just don’t believe that you know what’s best for them, especially when they’re struggling with your own personal issues too? Are you really ready for such a big commitment? A love relationship is supposed to reflect your innermost feelings, thoughts, emotions, hopes and dreams about your future. What if you weren’t in a love relationship because you didn’t know! If you do not know the answers to these questions, then it doesn’t mean that you can’t be a happy person after you find someone to love you. Everyone’s situation is different in terms of their expectations in a relationship. It is okay to wonder whether or not you are ready for the responsibility and sacrifices that come with getting into this kind of relationship, but remember that you can choose to be happy with yourself knowing the truth. The truth is that you’ll probably meet your person sooner or later, be happier with yourself, and feel more complete when you’re with that person than you ever did alone. Yes, it may take some time, but if you choose to be patient, you'll eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Relationships are expensive, and that’s true. As much as many couples hope to be able to save up for a down payment and buy a house, that is probably more than enough for the monthly bills and utilities that will keep the lights on. All though money can be tight, it does not mean that we should neglect our own needs and sacrifice our happiness for someone else’s. If you ask yourself, why are you still single after being with another person for such a short period of time. Perhaps you do not fall in love with the person and have no room for someone else to grow and evolve and change your mind about who the man is exactly. Or maybe the person that you like most isn't a good fit for you. This is where true love will always come into play. Most people think that they are being selfish when they choose to marry someone just because they love someone. This is absolutely incorrect. At least half the price of a relationship is being with someone who understands you and cares about you enough to be the best you can be. Maybe you think that person hates you, but you are wrong. Many people who are in marriages are choosing a spouse because they have found someone who loves them and wants them to be happy. Their spouses may not be perfect, but their flaws can be patched, which is a sign that they really care. Some people get divorced, and it might be because of them not realizing that their person still loves them and misses them. Others may see their partners for who they really are and decide to remain together after all has been said. Be the type of person who stays in a relationship because you love them and not because you have to. Realistically, you never know whether you will find true love or not. Whether or not they are perfect for each other is all up to the individuals, so pick your partners wisely.

You might think that your person doesn’t love you back after all the years together just because you dated multiple times, but that's pretty far from the truth. Some people just have a natural liking for certain people and they have chosen a lifetime partner based on that. Sometimes, you can sense in retrospect that something was missing in the past and sometimes that something is so strong that they just can’t get enough of you. Love comes in several forms and when you fall in love with someone, you can only imagine what the future holds for both you and that person. No matter how much you may fight against that person, you still have to accept them and consider yourself lucky that nothing between you and someone else has happened to ruin it. Remember to let yourself love the person and understand that they are perfectly happy living with you. Don’t let anything influence how long you have them before you are ready to commit yourself to the person who you love most. And the relationship you have always dreamed off with will finally come true when you finally decide that love is enough for them. The bottom line here is that you must find a balance between loving and hating someone.